Monday, August 24, 2020

Some residents on Crooked Island calling for lockdown

By Rachel Knowles

After two cases of COVID-19 surfaced on the tiny island of Crooked Island this weekend, many residents fear more cases may be coming and called on the government to implement a complete two-week lockdown to prevent any further spread.

Chief Councilor David Daxon said yesterday that he spoke with residents and many have called for stringent measures due to the vulnerability of the far-flung island, which has a population of nearly 300 people.

“The general mood in Crooked Island is one of cautiousness,” he said.

“We weren’t expecting this to happen, not in Crooked Island, but since it’s already here, everybody is following the protocols.

“I think many of the residents are hoping for, or calling for, a two-week complete lockdown of the island so as to isolate and minimize whatever effects are already here.”

Daxon added, “I have had conversations with numerous persons in the community and we talked about the possibilities. It’s a very small community and so everybody knows one another.

“The general consensus is [that] the best course of action would be to impose a complete lockdown for the island.”  Read more >>