Thursday, August 20, 2020

Remote South Andros an island out of the stream in the Bahamas

Low tide at Mars Bay on remote South Andros Island in the Bahamas. (Mark Gauert)

By Mark Gauert

The largest of the Bahamas’ 700 islands – and the fifth largest in the Caribbean basin – Andros is home to only about 8,000 people, most living on the eastern sliver of the 2,300-square mile island. Most of the rest of the island – some 1.5 million acres, roughly the same size as Everglades National Park – has been preserved by the Bahamian government as West Side National Park – which, from the air, appears to rise from the ocean like an artist’s palette splotched with turquoise, sand and blue watercolors.

So part of the isolation is clearly natural, part a little political – there are stories here about government officials wanting to keep “The Sleeping Giant,” as it’s known, off the tourist radar and all to themselves.

And part because of the mysteries.