Sunday, August 23, 2020

Fans crowd into an indoor concert in experiment on how to return to normality

Participants wore FFP2 protective face masks during the performance. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Nadine Schmidt and Amy Woodyatt, CNN

Leipzig, Germany (CNN) — Ever since the coronavirus pandemic shuttered clubs, bars and concert halls around the world, music fans have been dreaming of the day they can once again visit a busy, sweaty venue to enjoy a gig with friends.

With infection rates rising in many European countries, this dream could be far off for now. But some music fans in Leipzig, Germany, have been given the chance to rock for a day in the name of science -- with the help of some glowing hand sanitizer and electronic trackers.

Researchers in the German city of Leipzig staged a 1,500-person experimental indoor concert on Saturday to better understand how Covid-19 spreads at big, busy events, and how to prevent it.  Read more >>