Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Exercise and COVID-19 Can Be a Dangerous Combination, Evidence Shows

Trying to “work through it” can make it much worse and even lead to myocarditis in some patients.

By Selene Yeager

Trey Richardson didn’t feel right.

He and his wife were doing a lunch ride on some secluded trails behind their house. About 45 minutes into the ride, they were working their way up a “no big deal” climb he’s done a million times. This time, he could barely make it to the top.

“It was hot and humid, and I hadn’t been feeling right. But I thought I was just having one of those off days you have when the weather is oppressive,” said Richardson, a 48-year-old former competitive cyclist who lives in Woodstock, Georgia.

“But going up the last climb...I had this odd shortness of breath, and finally, I was like f---, I can’t breathe. My heart was pounding and I had to stop for 10 minutes. We got back to the house and my wife said, ‘You need to make an appointment to see a cardiologist,’” he said.  Read more >>