Monday, August 24, 2020

Covid-19 deaths have dropped below 1,000 a day as summer surge tails off

Colleges and universities across US halt in-person classes and begin campus monitoring after rising coronavirus cases.

By Amir Vera and Eric Levenson, CNN

 (CNN) - Declines in the average number of daily Covid-19 deaths and in new cases indicate that the virus' summer surge through the US is waning.

The 7-day average of coronavirus deaths dropped below 1,000 a day over the weekend for the first time since late July. Also, the average number of new cases dipped to about 42,600 as of Sunday, well below its peak in mid-July of around 67,000 daily cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Although the trends are in the right direction, the US remains the world leader in total cases and deaths. For comparison, the European Union is experiencing a worrying surge in coronavirus; on Sunday, all 27 countries reported a total 7-day average of 17,000 new cases per day.

Will these US declines continue? And how low will the totals go?

The answers to those questions are complicated by the planned reopening of schools, which has already led to outbreaks at universities in at least 19 states.  Read more >>