Saturday, July 25, 2020

Senator Darville critical of Competent Authority

Sen. Dr. Michael Darville

By Freeport News

(Senator Dr. Michael Darville represented the Pineridge Constituency during the last government, prior to May 10, 2017. As an Official Opposition Progressive Liberal Party current senator, he has been given the shadow portfolio for health. On Friday he made the following contribution in the Senate. His remarks follow in their entirety):

“Madam President,

‘Together we stand, divided we fall. The time has come for us to work together and we stand ready as the Official Opposition to assist the government in this fight to save lives and rebuild our local economy.

This morning I rise to make my contribution to the resolution before us today that seeks the continuance of the COVID-19 Emergency Orders to September 30th 2020. We on this side have repeatedly expressed our concerns regarding the Competent Authority’s apparent failure to be transparent to this Parliament and to the Bahamian people as to what they are doing to strengthen the current COVID-19 protocols and the serious economic challenges facing the country. 

Now at this very critical juncture in the fight against this deadly pandemic, to give the Competent Authority a full two months run without, in my view, accountability to Parliament and the Bahamian people, adds insult to injury.

Two months represent a long time for these sweeping powers to be in the hands of one man who, it appears, refuses to be transparent with his cabinet, the Parliament and the Bahamian people. Therefore, we on this side cannot support the extension of the Emergency Orders in its current form.  Read more >>