Friday, July 31, 2020

Isaias stirs new fears among Dorian survivors

Destruction on Abaco following Hurricane Dorian.

By Rachel Scott

With a tent in her backyard on Guana Cay, Abaco, as her family’s only shelter, Beckylee Albury, 36, has given up on any semblance of a plan for Tropical Storm Isaias, now forecast to develop into a hurricane.

“I already cried yesterday and today,” she said.

“And I don’t know what else to do anymore.”

Isaias was dumping heaving rain over portions of the Dominican Republic yesterday and the National Hurricane Center said it is forecast to become a hurricane by tonight.

With memories of Hurricane Dorian still raw, many who lived through that deadly storm are still attempting to put their lives back together.

News that The Bahamas is in the cone of Isaias has hit hard.

“Emotionally, I’ve been drained since Dorian,” Albury said. “So, this is just making it even worse. After Dorian, I couldn’t sleep for weeks. And now with this storm, I’m just numb basically.

“There’s nothing I could do. There’s nothing. I have no plan because there’s nothing I can see to do. We’re going to probably be in the tent for the storm.”

With no official shelters on Guana Cay, she said she can only hope that a friend or neighbor will allow her family to stay with them.  Read more >>