Monday, June 1, 2020

We All Might Be Flying in Planes Again Soon

Leisure travel could rebound more quickly than expected.

Passenger ready. Photographer: David Silverman/Getty Images Europe 

By Chris Bryant

Covid-19 became a pandemic because airplane passengers carried the new coronavirus with them around the world. As that became clear, airlines grounded nearly all of their fleets, governments issued travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines, and tourist attractions and conferences closed down. With no reason to fly, a quick recovery for air travel seemed unlikely. Warren Buffett dumped his airline stocks, claiming that the “world has changed.”

Passengers also wouldn’t feel safe packed inside a metal tube for hours, would they?

Happily for the industry, if not for the climate, the seemingly insurmountable barriers to air travel have begun to look less daunting. “We believe the worst is behind us, and we’re on the uptick,” American Airlines Group Inc.’s boss, Doug Parker, said after a surge in travel over the U.S. Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Read more >>