Monday, June 1, 2020

Psychologist Supports Singing Bishop’s COVID-19 Family Coping Video

Psychologist Dr. Valerie Knowles

His out of the box way of preaching and teaching has attracted as many supporters as it has detractors, but when it comes to his COVID-19 family coping video, noted psychologist Dr Valerie Knowles says entertaining evangelical “Singing Bishop” Lawrence Rolle was almost pitch perfect – delivering his own brand of “empirically sound” counseling which had the added benefit of de-stressing a nation with its down home humor.

“It is easy to recognize traditional psychologists, licensed professionals with well-appointed offices supported by persons of some means and generous insurance schemes. But, as The Bahamas wages war on COVID-19, it is important for us to embrace citizen helpers – those untrained, plain-speaking advocates who dispense their own unique healthy brand of advice, as they aim to uplift their followers during this difficult time in our society,” said Dr Knowles, a 20-year practitioner of multiple areas of psychology.

“For society’s most marginalized, the voice of someone who understood their life dynamic and who spoke their language with cultural authority was blatantly missing from the mainstream infographics of the pandemic. Bishop Lawrence Rolle stood in this gap.”  Read more >>