Wednesday, June 10, 2020

‘No more excuses’

Brent Symonette

By Rachel Knowles

As he acknowledged that Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19 heavily impacted The Bahamas, St. Anne’s MP Brent Symonette said the government must move on and find a way to achieve its budgetary goals.

Symonette, who resigned from Cabinet nearly a year ago, was laudatory of the government’s handling of the new coronavirus crisis, but suggested Bahamians are tired of hearing excuses.

Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest highlighted Hurricane Dorian and the COVID-19 pandemic as detrimental blows to the economy and the budget that have led to an unprecedented projected deficit of $1.3 billion in the next fiscal year, to be financed by an unprecedented level of government borrowing.

“I think, if I can give my two cents of advice, to a large extent, the public are getting tired of hearing of extraordinary events or uncharted or unprecedented or whatever,” Symonette said during his contribution to the 2020/2021 budget debate.

“We have to come out of this budget period running full speed to deliver on this.

“No more excuses. COVID we’re coming out of. The hurricane is finished. Yes, it had its damages. Yes, it had its effect.  Read more >>