Friday, June 5, 2020

Island Update: COVID-19, hurricanes and your travel plans

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting countries across the globe, and the Bahamas and Caribbean are no exception.  -AOPA Pilot Guides

These countries all closed their borders and put Stay At Home orders in place very quickly to limit the spread of the virus and in doing so have been able to keep the rate of positive cases incredibly low.  When you’re ready to travel, consider visiting the Bahamas and Caribbean where tourism makes up more than half of the workforce and is one of the most tourism-driven areas of the world.

Beginning Phases of Reopening

Many of the countries are in the beginning phases of reopening and are preparing to accept visitors. Some have even already started to accept visitors with strict protocols in place. Each country has a different timeline of reopening and different protocol for travelers to follow. To find out more about what travel protocols look like for the countries you’re interested in visiting soon, please click on the link below the country’s summary.  Read more >>