Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Why Bahamas Paradise believes it's ideally positioned to restart cruising

'Cruising has been a great value product but now each ship and cruise line will offer not only fun but a way to travel safely and stay healthy,' Oneil Khosa said

By Anne Kalosh

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line could safely resume sailing, if allowed, because it can offer a 'controlled cruise experience,' CEO Oneil Khosa told Seatrade Cruise News.

As the Port of Palm Beach, Florida's only resident line, it has a high degree of control at the passenger terminal. The same holds true at Grand Bahama Island, where it has its own port infrastructure.

There, Bahamas Paradise could offer shore excursions that are completely isolated from the local population. It may be possible to create a zone of exclusivity for passengers to stay within, and that would also protect Grand Bahama residents.

'We can keep third party exposure of our guests to a minimum,' Khosa said. The hotel stay package wouldn't be offered initially.  Read more >>