Thursday, May 21, 2020

These Vintage Photographs Show the Glitz of Caribbean Vacations

Versailles Gardens overlooking the pool at the historic Ocean Club, Paradise Island - Getty Images

by Corina Quinn

The Caribbean—it's been a perennial travel favorite for decades. Those gentle blue waters. The velvet-soft sand. The pervasive island vibes. Each country and island has its own draw, but there was a time from the 1950s through the 1970s when few other destinations could compete with this sunny getaway.

Whether famous, elite, wealthy, or all-of-the-above, travelers moved in packs between Jamaica, Barbados, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and The Bahamas, gambling, sailing, and merrymaking along the way. If it sounds glamorous, it was—no less than the great Slim Aarons was there to photograph much of it, and many of his images are included in this gallery.

These photos show the Caribbean in all its vintage glory, and provides some excellent inspiration for now. How we wish we could be there.  Read more >>