Saturday, May 30, 2020

Bahamas Announces Borders Reopening to Travelers on July 1

Blister Bay, Bimini, Bahamas. (Photo by Lauren Breedlove)

Tourism officials from The Bahamas announced Thursday it would open its borders to international tourists starting on July 1.

According to Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation Director General Joy Jibrilu, the island nation is focused on the safety of visitors and is working with health and government to welcome guests back without fear of a second wave of coronavirus infections.

The Bahamas closed its borders to travelers in March as the viral pandemic spread, but the nation began launching a campaign in April to inspire people through empathy.

As a result, tourists in the United States suffering from cabin fever due to the quarantines began searching for vacations in the Caribbean again and the Bahamas was at the top of the list.

Survey data presented by the tourism board showed that 40 percent of respondents willing to travel wanted to visit a beach destination, with seclusion and cruise alternatives topping the list of desires.  Read more >>