Thursday, April 2, 2020

Will coronavirus reverse globalisation?

 Coronavirus has halted many global deliveries

 By Jonty Bloom

Globalisation has been one of the buzzwords of the past 25 years.

It may seem a rather strange concept, since any economic historian will tell you that people have been trading across vast distances for centuries, if not millennia.

You only have to look at the medieval spice trade, or the East India Company, to know that. But globalisation is really about the scale and speed of international business, which has exploded in the past few decades to unprecedented levels.

Easier travel, the world wide web, the end of the Cold War, trade deals, and new, rapidly developing economies, have all combined to create a system that is much more dependent now on what is happening on the other side of the world than it ever was.

Which is why the spread of coronavirus, or Covid-19 to be specific, has had such an immediate economic effect.  Read more >>