Sunday, April 12, 2020

Why the rent is due for rich people in the time of coronavirus

Bill Gates at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Goalkeepers Conference 2017 at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City. (NYC) [Reuters]

By Andy Serwer with Max Zahn

If you were a billionaire, how much money would you give to fight COVID-19?

For 600 or so Americans that’s a real question.

Last week I wrote about what CEOs and other business leaders were doing, and should be doing during the coronavirus crisis. This week I’m turning my attention to the richest Americans.

What are the wealthy doing? What should they be doing?

First of all a word about that F. Scott Fitzgerald line, “let me tell you about the very rich, they are different from you and me…” Sorry Scotty but that’s wrong. I know a fair number of very rich people and in fact they’re very much like you and me; some good, some bad, some boastful, others quite modest.  Read more >>