Sunday, April 12, 2020

WHO Investigating Reports of Coronavirus Patients Testing Positive Again After Recovery

A laboratory technician from Dr. Dangs Lab holds a coronavirus testing tube at a drive-through testing service on April 07, 2020 in New Delhi, India. Stringer/Getty Images

By Daniel Politi

 The World Health Organization said it is investigating reports out of South Korea that some patients who had recovered from the coronavirus tested positive again after initially testing negative for COVID-19. On Friday, South Korea officials said 91 patients who were thought to have recovered from the coronavirus tested positive again.

Health officials in South Korea are speculating that these may be cases in which the virus was reactivated rather than people having been infected again. “While we are putting more weight on reactivation as the possible cause, we are conducting a comprehensive study on this,” said Jeong Eun-kyeong, director-general of Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “There have been many cases when a patient during treatment will test negative one day and positive another.”   Read more >>