Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Seaplanes Are Becoming Vital in Transporting Supplies to Hard-to-Reach Islands and Boats

Seaplanes are flying to the rescue during Coronavirus air travel restrictions.

For superyacht owners self-isolating in the Bahamas during the coronavirus pandemic, seaplanes are fast becoming the go-to means of transport at a time when charter flights are grounded, and local airports are closed.

US brokerage house Denison Yachts reports that the majority of its charter fleet regularly spends time in the Bahamas or the Caribbean. Accessing the yacht or stocking up on basic supplies during lockdown can prove problematic, however, which is why seaplanes are coming into their own.

“Getting those special request items or spare parts to a yacht is impossible if you had to rely on conventional airplanes that require a traditional runway,” says Bob Denison, president of Denison Yachts. “That’s why many of our yachts—12 at least—have begun relying on seaplane companies to get things to the hard to reach places.”  Read more >>