Thursday, April 2, 2020

Police catch British, US and Australian tourists at 'drug-fuelled' party with Thai girls in defiance of coronavirus lockdown

 By Ryan Fahey

➧Three Britons in their 20s were seized for flouting lockdown in Phuket, Thailand
➧They were among a group of foreigners partying with five semi-clad Thai women
➧Officers reported the discovery of cannabis and cocaine at the party property
➧Phuket, one of the world's most popular tourist resorts, is now ranked the fourth most infected province in Thailand with 71 confirmed cases, just trailing Bangkok

Police have arrested a group of British, American and Australian tourists at a 'drug-fuelled' party with Thai girls in defiance of coronavirus lockdown.

The British men, George Oliver Hoskins, 23, Saul Alan Jones, 22, and Stuart Alexander McDonogh, 29, were among nine foreigners and five Thai women partying in Phuket, Thailand, on Wednesday night.

 It was in defiance of a strict curfew and lockdown on the coronavirus-ravaged island, which is one of the worst hit Covid-19 areas of Thailand.  Read more >>