Thursday, April 2, 2020

Official warns of effects of sudden alcohol withdrawal

By Krystel Brown

The inability to access alcohol could have dire consequences for people suffering from alcohol use disorder, including complications that could lead to hospitalization, warned substance abuse specialist Rochelle Basden.

Basden, who is the deputy director of psychological services at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, stressed the importance of ensuring that people with alcohol dependence have access to help and know where they can turn if they require treatment or intervention.

“What happens to those people who may now go into withdrawal?” she asked.

“Withdrawal from alcohol is a serious thing. It’s a medical condition. It can develop into delirium tremens, or what we commonly refer to as DTs, requiring medical attention.

“So we have to be cognizant of these things. We have to make sure that we have access.”

She said withdrawal symptoms include increased blood pressure and irritability that could lead to hallucinations.

“In the extreme cases, persons can have seizures, stroke, heart attack, death. That’s how serious it is. It can manifest after two to three days of not having the substance for heavy users,” Basden said.

She said there are a lot of people in The Bahamas who have problems with alcohol use.  Read more >>