Thursday, April 2, 2020

Nurse’s Trauma Seeing Patients Die ‘All Alone’

Bahamian registered nurse Tahnee Johnson-Whitehead.

Tribune Chief Reporter

BAHAMIAN registered nurse Tahnee Johnson-Whitehead has been working on the front lines of a West Palm Beach hospital where scores of severely ill COVID-19 patients are fighting for their lives. The 28-year-old told The Tribune yesterday that of all the things she’s seen in her year and a half as an RN, what’s most daunting is seeing people die alone and without the comfort of family or friends.

For the past two weeks, the young wife and mother has been working gruelling 12-hour shifts floating between the hospital’s intensive care unit where the severely ill patients fight for their lives - most times dying - and other units where patients are in a better condition, clinging to the hope that they’ll pull through.

As cases started to climb in her area, she said the hospital converted a tower solely for COVID-19 patients.

“They are dying and they are dying alone,” she said from Florida. “We’re there, that is the medical personnel, but there is no family allowed. We aren’t allowing visitors in our hospital and they are passing away very quickly. It’s just staff there and they are just by themselves.

“It started off slow but now there’s a lot of COVID-19 patients.  Read more >>