Saturday, April 11, 2020

Dr. Mills gives advice for coping with virus

Dr. Pamula Mills

FN Night Editor Barbara Walkin

As governments, health care professionals and scientists around the world battle to stop the spread and find a cure of the coronavirus (COVID-19), other prevailing concerns - emotional and mental stability - among the world's populace are on the rise, during this crisis.

In Grand Bahama, many residents are already mentally fragile at this time, having experienced, prior to the arrival of the coronavirus, unprecedented damages and loss due to Hurricane Dorian back in September 20 2019.

For those clinging to their final ounce of hope as the world faces COVID-19 head on, noted Psychologist Dr. Pamula Mills said that the greatest challenge in dealing with this pandemic, is accepting the fact that perhaps very few alive, if any, would have ever, before, seen a phenomenon that crippled the entire world.

"This makes the burden easier, as we are not alone in our dealings," she added, when asked on coping mechanisms during the crisis and lockdown periods.

"Another side of this, speaks to the fact that the first world countries (USA, Canada, Great Britain, etc), are just as lost as the rest of us. Our greatest advantage is our belief in a true almighty God. Recently coming out of Dorian, does not make this any easier. Look at where we are today, six months out of Dorian. This pandemic cannot last forever; this will pass," said Dr. Mills.

She added that the entire world is in a pandemic and unemployment is being experienced all around.

"Don’t panic," Dr. Mills advised.