Friday, April 10, 2020

Coursera Makes Courses & Certificates Free During Coronavirus Quarantine: Take Courses in Psychology, Music, Wellness, Professional Development & More Online

Over the past decade or two, developments in the technology of the World Wide Web have made learning at home possible in a way it wasn't before. Over the past month or two, learning at home has gone from option to necessity, prevented as many of us are from going out to a classroom by the coronavirus pandemic. If you've taken courses on the internet before — and especially if you've picked them from our selection of 1,500 you can take for free — you've no doubt heard of Coursera, one of the major online learning platforms. Now through May 31st, a period during which the number of potential students will surely remain high, Coursera has made more of its classes free for the taking.

"To help our community during this critical time, we’re launching new, free resources, as well as surfacing interesting course collections, community discussions, and expert interviews," says the official Coursera blog. "While many courses on Coursera are already available for free without a certificate, this promotion enables you to not only access lectures and quizzes, but also to earn a free certificate for courses that offer them." The blog highlights these collections of courses, describing them as follows:  Read more >>