Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Coronavirus lockdowns have sent pollution plummeting. Environmentalists worry about what comes next.

The decline in carbon emissions that has resulted from coronavirus lockdowns could easily be reversed by efforts to quickly ramp up economies.

The skies above Los Angeles are cleaner and clearer because of lower automobile use and less local manufacturing.Ted Soqui / Sipa USA via AP file

By Luke Denne

Traffic-free roads, plane-free skies and widespread brick-and-mortar closings have made the planet a beneficiary of the coronavirus pandemic — but only in the short term.

Li Shuo, senior climate and energy policy officer at Greenpeace in Beijing, said it's not time to "pop the champagne corks" just yet.

"It's hardly a sustainable way to reduce emissions," he said.

Many climate experts spotlighted 2020 as a critical year to take decisive action to limit the worst impacts of global warming. The year started with international attention on catastrophic wildfires and floods.  Read more >>