Thursday, April 9, 2020

An Instagram influencer was stranded on the Fyre Festival island as it locked down. She escaped to LA by hitching a private plane ride.

 23-year-old Kinsey Wolanski hasn't told her 3.7 million followers how she got home from the Bahamas yet. Screenshot Instagram/@kinsey, Kinsey Wolanski 

By Kat Tenbarge

Kinsey Wolanski didn't mean to spend almost a month in the Bahamas. But the 23-year-old Instagram influencer, known for stunts and pranks like streaking across the soccer field in a bodysuit during the 2019 Champions League finals, was trapped in a hotel room with three friends on Exuma – the same isle the failed Fyre Festival was held on – after the country instituted a 24-hour lockdown and border shutdown due to the coronavirus.

Wolanski told Insider that she was able to get back to LA after a stranger sent her a DM on Instagram offering to fly her to Fort Lauderdale on a tiny Cessna-style plane in exchange for $1,000 worth of gas money. It was a risk her friends, who are still on Exuma, weren't willing to take.  Read more >>