Friday, April 3, 2020

132 charged so far with breaking curfew

By Rayne Morgan

Despite the 24-hour curfew the government implemented with the intention of preventing the spread of COVID-19, police are still seeing some people gathering in communities, Police Superintendent Shanta Knowles said yesterday.

As she noted that 132 people have been brought before the courts for curfew violations thus far, Knowles said police officers are still trying to discourage people from gathering or leaving their homes unless “absolutely necessary”.

“Once we see gatherings, we would stop and educate people and ask them to leave and disperse,” she said.

“We want to encourage people and remind people that the government, the health [officials], are advising persons not to congregate, especially in numbers more than 10, and then, of course, we want to encourage social distancing.”

Knowles added, “So, police are at checkpoints, intersections, throughout the island.

“But, we’re also doing patrols – day and night patrols, and those will continue for as long as this emergency order is in place.”  Read more >>