Sunday, March 15, 2020

Who should and should not wear face masks, and important protocols for those wearing masks

Dr. Delon Brennen

By Llonella Gilbert

Nassau, The Bahamas - People all over the world are choosing to buy masks to protect themselves from COVID-19 to the point where many stores have empty shelves.

However, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Delon Brennen explained during a recent interview that there are reasons why healthcare providers recommend that only sick people and healthcare workers should utilize masks.

“The reason masks are most useful for sick people is because for example if 10 of us enter a room, and there is one sick person in the room, you can use the one mask to put on the person who is sick; they would then cough into the mask and their respiratory droplets would not get onto anyone or surfaces or anything like that.

“Even if that one person who is sick does not have a mask on and you put nine masks on the other people in the room, yes that person when they cough, the masks will theoretically protect you from breathing in those particles immediately -- but what it does not do is protect that environment.”  Read more >>