Monday, March 23, 2020

QC to fight COVID-19 emergency orders

Wayne Munroe, QC.

By  Natario McKenzie

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A well-known Queen’s Counsel says he plans to mount a legal challenge to the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) order imposed by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis last week.

Wayne Munroe, QC, told Eyewitness News  the order was ‘ultra vires’, adding businesses had very little time to prepare.

The Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Order, 2020, include a nightly curfew and shutdown of all non-essential businesses and organizations, public transportation and commercial sailing; and all events, parties or gatherings.

The curfew is in effect each night from 9pm to 5am, with exceptions to be approved by the commissioner of police.

The order took effect at 9am last Friday and will remain in effect until 9am on March 31.

The prime minister said the order will be lifted upon consultation with health officials.

Munroe said: “It’s not very well thought out. Very early on I have expressed that in my view the emergency regulations are ultra vires the Emergency Powers Act.  Read more >>