Friday, March 20, 2020

Water Sports Sector Near Total Shutdown

Tribune Business Reporter

Water sports operators yesterday revealed the industry is almost completely shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kamar Chandon, general manager of KC Watersports Bahamas, told Tribune Business: “They shut down the cruise ships and stuff, so we are closed down for business until further notice.

With no idea on how long he will be closed, Mr Chandon added: “It depends. We are waiting on the ‘OK’ from Sandals, and if they decide they are going to close down then everything is just shut down, but 30 percent of our business comes from the cruise lines.”

“The hotel doesn’t support my business enough, because mostly their guests are pre-booked, so they take excursions with the bigger companies and go out like to Exuma and things like that.”

Mr Chandon, though, continued: “In terms of the government closing [things] down, it’s a good move. The government has to try because otherwise the virus will multiply and get worse, so you have to get it under control. I feel like you have to take a loss to get a gain in the long-term.  Read more >>