Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Unions call for COVID-19 relief measures

Bernard Evans

By  Ava Turnquest

NCTUB says workers cannot afford to be pushed any closer to poverty line
NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The National Congress of Trade Unions Bahamas (NCTUB) is urging lawmakers to consider relief measures to mitigate fallout from the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and asking businesses not to reduce work capacity to cut costs.

NCTUB president Bernard Evans noted heightened national anxiety over COVID-19’s impact on the economy and workers’ livelihoods as preventative measures intensify.

“We still don’t know the full impact of this pandemic,” Evans said.

“There are a lot of questions that people are asking as they face this uncertainty of potential income loss. While we anticipate that there may be some job interruptions we are also calling on the Government of The Bahamas, that is all the men and women who are in both Houses, to please consider measures for relief as workers in this country cannot afford to be pushed any closer to the poverty line than they are now".  Read now >>