Thursday, March 12, 2020

Six Months After Dorian, Grand Bahama Scrambles For Clean Drinking Water

Resident Harry Sands fills up water tanks to take back home in Pelican Point, Grand Bahama.


FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMA — A few days after Hurricane Dorian, Amanda Kellowan rummaged through what was left. She had just spent 36 hours in the attic of her home, fleeing from the 30-foot storm surge that swept over her island home of Grand Bahama last September.

“Just everything is gone. I don’t have no clothes right now. This not my clothes, that I’m wearing,” she told WLRN at the time, sifting through piles of soggy miscelanea. Kellowan is a photographer and videographer. She lost all her equipment in the flood.

Family friends agreed to house Kellowan and her parents. For months, she lived with her mother and father in a single, cramped upstairs room. In the beginning, they sweated through nights with no electricity. “It was hell,” she said.

Recently, her family found an apartment to live in while they wait for insurance money. They have electricity and beds of their own. But an essential part of life has not yet gotten back to normal.

The water on Grand Bahama is not what it used to be.  Read more >>