Saturday, March 21, 2020

Scary research says coronavirus is even more contagious than we thought

By Chris Smith

Researchers in the Netherlands discovered that COVID-19 patients who exhibit mild symptoms can be far more contagious than we thought.

Even people who don’t have any symptoms can infect others from the first sneeze or cough.

The research further underscores the need to practice social distancing and increase the amount of testing in all countries affected by the disease.

With each day that goes by, researchers are making more progress while studying the novel coronavirus outbreak. Some teams have been able to prove beyond any doubt that the COVID-19 virus wasn’t engineered in a lab as a bioweapon, which is critical information for fighting the disease as well as the conspiracy theories floating around. Others have figured out how the immune system responds to the infection in mild-to-moderate cases, but no one can explain why the body fails to kill off the infection in severe cases. Scientists around the world are also working on vaccines and developing treatments based on drugs that are normally used to treat other ailments. Researchers from the Netherlands have analyzed the way the pathogen is transmitted from human to human, concluding that the virus is highly contagious even in cases where patients only experience minor symptoms.  Read more >>