Sunday, March 15, 2020

Positive Results from BTVI’s Student Satisfaction Survey

A student satisfaction survey conducted by the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute has revealed that out of the 294 participants, the overall satisfaction of students’ experience was “Good” at 90%.

BTVI’s Dean of Student Services, Racquel Bethel, spearheaded the effort.  She noted that the Student Satisfaction Survey would become a bi-annual assessment of the student’s training experience at BTVI.

The study found that students evaluated their entire experience at the institution as good.  Further, instructional quality, course relevance, career readiness, student-faculty interaction and supportive campus environment ranked among the areas of the highest satisfaction.

The 2019 campaign, themed “You Spoke. We listened,” was a 14 question survey utilizing the Survey Monkey platform.  The survey covered five areas, which included the quality of student support services; instructional adequacy accessibility and the quality of the teaching-learning resources at BTVI; academic staff performance; registration and the pre-advising experience of students and the overall satisfaction level.

While the primary goal of the survey was to rate student satisfaction, it also became crucial for BTVI to make students aware of how vital their feedback is to high-level strategic planning and decision-making.

“After all, our students are our customers, and they are the reason that we are all here.  We are here to serve them and to ensure that they enjoy all aspects of their educational journey with us,” said Ms. Bethel.

Not all aspects of the study rated as good; however, we will use the findings to improve the processes and services moving forward.  Moving forward, we can predict that as students utilize the assessment tool and become more involved in these types of activities, they will see their conditions improved.

As conditions improve, the level of student satisfaction will increase, resulting in higher levels of overall student success.

Sample questions included: How useful are the services provided by the on-campus career center, how easy is it to register for courses at BTVI, how easy is it to obtain the resources you need from the EBSCOhost library system, how happy are you with the choice of college-sponsored events and activities at BTVI and how likely are you to recommend this technical school to others?

The questionnaire was built by a collaborative team from all levels of the institute and incorporated all key areas.  The survey was rolled out through our campus web-portal.   Information Technology, Public Relation, and Institutional Effectiveness departments played key roles in the implementation of the survey and assisted in generating student participation.

While Grand Bahama students did not participate in the fall 2019 survey, as a result of hurricane Dorian, they will be participants in the upcoming March 2020 survey.