Saturday, March 21, 2020

Petroleum Suppliers Confident No Interruption From Covid-19

Tribune Business Reporter

Major Bahamas-based petroleum suppliers yesterday said they expect no disruption to fuel flows due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Valentino Hanna, general manager at Sol Petroleum Bahamas, the Esso distributor, told Tribune Business: “At present we see no reason why there would be any disruptions in fuel supply logistics, and expect the market to be well supplied throughout the challenging months to come.

“The elements of the maritime industry associated with our supply logistics have taken very serious measures to ensure that their personnel’s exposure to COVID-19 is minimised even, in some instances, as far as eliminating shore leave for vessel personnel entirely.”

Dexter Adderley, managing director of Sun Oil Ltd, the Shell distributor, added: “We expect no adverse effects from the coronavirus outbreak.” He said Sun Oil is well stocked, and that it can continue to supply the market without any disruption. No supply interruptions are expected in the near future.  Read more >>