Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Face To Face: Marisa’S On A Mission - It’S About Helping People

Marissa Mason Smith


March is celebrated as Women’s History Month. Coming on the heels of last week’s tribute for International Women’s Day, I decided to highlight another phenomenal woman. This time, I feature Marisa Mason Smith, a woman who has done so much for the advancement of women in this country, and so much for her fellow citizens on the whole, that she deserves her flowers today.

When I first met Marisa, I met a woman so full of joy and laughter, so friendly and caring, that she struck me as outstanding from the start. She immediately connected with me and and we have maintained that connection over the years. During that time, she has been the same person I met from the very start until now. This consistency is not only displayed in her personality, but also in her professionalism. Because of this, she has become one of the most sought-after human resource experts in the country.  Read more >>