Sunday, March 15, 2020

Coronavirus: Nursing Homes Plan To Revise Visiting Regulations


LOCAL nursing homes say they plan to enforce a number of precautionary measures to limit their residents’ risk of exposure to infection amid fears of a coronavirus outbreak.

While COVID-19 poses health risks for the majority of people, medical experts say senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to contracting the disease.

In an effort to be proactive, several senior citizen homes throughout New Providence told The Tribune they plan to revise their visiting regulations to limit the number of people who could possibly expose their residents to the virus.

Marsha McQueen, manager of Coastline Community Care Nursing Home, said while none of their residents has underlying respiratory issues, they were still concerned about the virus as some of the seniors were “medical patients with various ailments.”

“What we did immediately, based on the notices going out, is put in place where we are allowing immediate relatives only to visit,” she said.

“We also postponed all groups and civic groups doing the visitation and we’re asking all family members who are visiting to avoid coming in if they have a cold or the flu.”

“We’ve basically put in place all the guidelines that have been suggested, along with taking those same necessary precautions from a healthcare standpoint.  Read more >>