Friday, March 13, 2020

Clinics Bombarded By Worried Patients

Tribune Senior Reporter

THE medical sector is experiencing impact from coronavirus fears as people bombard clinics with cold-like symptoms and stock up on medication from pharmacies even though the country has not recorded a case of COVID-19.

“I’ve never seen this in my 20 years of practise,” said Gina Archer-Carey, the chairperson of the Bahamas Pharmacy Council, about people buying up medication.

“Everyone in the lobby is demanding masks when they have no flu-like symptoms,” said Dr Macumba Miller, the immediate past-president of the Bahamas Doctors Union, in a separate interview.

Dr Miller, who works at the South Beach Clinic, said: “They are coming in concerned about their cough or cold-like symptoms and asking, ‘Should I be worried about the coronavirus?’”

For their part, he said, doctors are calm in the face of the coronavirus threat and stress that about 80 percent of the people who contract the disease will have mild symptoms while only about five percent will need intensive care.

The greatest risk, he acknowledged, is that if wide swaths of the population are infected at the same time, the number of people requiring medical help could overwhelm the public healthcare system.  Read more >>