Thursday, March 26, 2020

Bahamas has 60 ventilators, Sands says

Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands

Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands said 68 ventilators are expected to be available for COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization.

Sands said 60 ventilators are already in the country, and the other eight are on the way.

COVID-19, which is caused by the novel coronavirus, can cause respiratory failure in some cases.

In countries with widespread outbreaks, public health systems have been overwhelmed by the virus due to shortages of hospital beds and ventilators.

Attorney General Carl Bethel told The Nassau Guardian that The Bahamas’ “fragile” health care system has been a factor in the decision of the government to implement stringent prevention measures, including a 24-hour curfew that came into effect earlier this week.

Sands, however, has assured that he does not foresee a ventilator shortage becoming an issue.  Read more >>