Monday, March 23, 2020

Apple Watch Users Can Now Monitor How Bodies React To Coronavirus

Apple Watch

Apple Watch has been lauded by most to be the best smartwatch out there. This is not only because of how well it works but also because of the sheer health and wellness features it brings to the table. Now, Cardiogram - a heart health application for Apple Watch - is introducing a new feature that will give users more information on how their body is responding to a COVID-19/flu.

The new feature called Sleeping BPM revolves around how our body reacts while we’re fighting an infection like COVID-19.

"Cardiogram's new Sleeping BPM feature can help users become more aware of how their body is responding to symptoms of the flu or other illnesses including COVID-19," said Johnson Hsieh, Cardiogram's co-founder to Apple Insider.  Read more >>