Tuesday, March 24, 2020

AG: 24-hour may be extended for another 30 days

AG Carl Bethel
By Rachel Knowles

The 24-hour curfew that came into effect today to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will likely be extended until the end of April, Attorney General Carl Bethel said today.

“The medical professionals have already urged at least a 30-day extension,” he said.

“And a resolution is before the House of Assembly. The House has adjourned to the 30th with the intention that this will be the matter that they will debate and pass on the 30th.

“…The government is in full consultation with the opposition. They now appreciate the importance of adhering to the best medical advice. If that medical advice says that we need to have an extension of the curfew, then I’m sure that the House will unanimously support and implement that recommendation.”

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis on Monday night ordered a 24-hour national curfew and the closure of airports, docks, ports, and beaches throughout the country with certain exceptions.  Read more >>