Friday, March 20, 2020

After the storm: How The Bahamas continues to rebuild after Hurricane Dorian

It’s been over six months since Hurricane Dorian made landfall on The Bahamas.

In those first 48 hours, entire communities were destroyed. Even more, despite still standing, were without water, food and power. People who had just survived the unimaginable were unable to find loved ones, adding fear and anxiety to an already horrific situation. Homes were destroyed. Schools and hospitals had no electricity. Over 200 wells were flooded with ocean water, leaving families without safe water. Life, as thousands of people knew it, was forever changed.

Immediately after the storm, Mercy Corps was on the ground providing emergency support to community members in need. By collaborating with the Mission Resolve Foundation, we managed to build a reverse-osmosis water treatment plant that could produce over 7,500 gallons of clean water in a day, an amazing accomplishment during those early moments of the crisis.  Read more >>