Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Abaco: Back To Ground Zero

Ken Hutton

Tribune Business Editor

Abaco's Chamber of Commerce president yesterday said the island's post-Dorian recovery has been plunged "back to ground zero" by the COVID-19 crisis, adding: "We're on our own again."

Ken Hutton told Tribune Business that the emergency nationwide lockdown announced by the Government to curb the pandemic's spread had worsened Abaco's existing labour shortages by provoking workers to return home.

With the world and Nassau's attention firmly focused on combating the virus, Mr Hutton voiced fears that international assistance would dry up - especially since all non-governmental (NGO) and relief agencies had now departed Abaco in response to the pandemic.

He suggested that the island is being forced to "take a back seat, if not being pushed out of the car altogether" by COVID-19, but is likely to have been satisfied by the Prime Minister's decision last night to effectively close The Bahamas' borders to inbound and outbound passenger traffic.  Read more >>