Friday, March 27, 2020

242NewsBahamas - COVID-19 Update - Part 3

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Since our last update, there have been 4 more cases of COVID-19 in Nassau, and our first person with the virus has returned home, safely tested virus free. We are trying our best to update you as much as possible as news occurs. Please make sure LIKE our facebook page so you can see updates daily on line. We are posting news 24 hours a day.

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Dr. the Hon. Duane Sands Minister of Health COVID-19 Update Press Conference

Good afternoon,
Today I would like to provide you with our latest update on COVID-19 in The Bahamas. As of Thursday, 26th March, the Ministry of Health has confirmed 9 cases of the virus in The Bahamas. The first four previously announced cases are in New Providence. The fifth case is in Grand Bahama and had no significant travel history.

The most recently 4 confirmed cases are in New Providence. Only one has recent travel history. That case traveled to the Dominican Republic on 13th March.

All of the most recently confirmed 4 cases are in home isolation and are being closely monitored by healthcare professionals. They do not require hospitalization at this time. The first case has been discharged from hospital.

The Bahamas Government has created a website for everything you need to know about COVID-19, with loads of information and resources for dealing with the virus in the country.
NATIONAL ADDRESS: Emergency Order Update

The COVID-19 virus and threat that the world and The Bahamas are facing is a matter of life and death.
While most people who contract the virus will recover, many have died and many more will die around the world.

More than fifteen thousand people have died around the world so far.
What is frightening is that we do not know how many people will suffer from the virus and how many will die.

This virus is so serious and so potentially dangerous for some, that people are dying in large numbers in the richest, the most powerful and the more developed countries in the world.

The GBPA launches initiatives to help assist and prepare residents for the potential impact of COVID-19

March 25th - Freeport, Grand Bahama – The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA) is collaborating with key stakeholders on the potential impact of COVID-19 on Grand Bahama. “We have been paying close attention to how this global pandemic has affected other countries around the world and we commend the Government of The Bahamas and the Health Authorities, for acting swiftly to protect our nation and for their ongoing communications. With regard to Grand Bahama, we are following the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Orders and working closely with the Government and Health Authorities in both complying and maintaining essential utilities such as power, water, and garbage collection. “We have let the relevant authorities know that we are on standby to help and support in any and every way we can”, said Ian Rolle, President of the GBPA. “We are acting upon lessons learned to protect ourselves and each other. COVID-19 does not discriminate; it has no prejudice and the only way that we stand a fighting chance is to work together to keep our island and country safe.” Over the last few weeks, the GBPA has engaged with the Minister of Health, The Hon. Dr. Duane Sands, Grand Bahama Health Services, Government Officials and the Industrial sector.” he added.

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