Friday, February 14, 2020

Diary of Souls: Ringplay Season's Second Production

Diary of Souls

Opens Friday February 21, 2020
WVS Theatre

Directed by
Nicolette Bethel and Renee Caesar
T-Day Pierre Jeudi, Sony Jean-Jacques, Esther Louis,
Brentwood Burrows, Cade Darling, and Shireen Seymour

The 2020 Ringplay Repertory Season opened on January 24th and runs through June 7th, again with five plays.

Ringplay Productions is pleased to announce the second of these plays to be presented in the Repertory Season:

Ian Chinaka Strachan's Diary of Souls

A story buried in the sand for almost three decades.
Diary of Souls by Ian Chinaka Strachan debuted to critical acclaim on July 1, 1999 at the C. W. Sawyer Primary School. It has been performed in Nassau, Abaco, Grand Bahama, Barbados and Louisiana, always with the same impact.

This February, Ringplay Productions revives the play for six performances in the Winston V. Saunders Theatre, February 21-23 and February 28-Mar 1, 2020.
Esther Louis, Cade Darling, T-Day Pierre Jeudi, Shireen Seymour,
and Sony Jean-Jacques
Photo by Nicolette Bethel
"Official reports say that on July 10, 1990 the Bahamas Defense Force vessel, Yellow Elder, intercepted a Haitian sloop and began to tow it into Blackpoint, Exuma. Reports say the vessel capsized when the refugees panicked because the towline came free and the boat dipped. Thirty-nine Haitians were buried in a mass grave on Bitter Guana Cay, an uninhabited island. There were sixty-nine survivors. A coroner's inquest was held in August of that year but none of the Haitian survivors testified at the hearings because they had been repatriated. The rumors on the streets and the confidential testimony of eyewitnesses cntracidts the newspaper reports and the Inquest's findings.

Many more people are said to have died. There is said to be another gravesite. People are said to have been eaten by sharks: men, women and children. Among the rumors are claims that some of the mutilated bodies that were hidden from the public washed into the sea when they were first buried because they were placed too near the shoreline. Some Defense Force officers are said to have suffered serious emotional and psychological distress after this event."

Ian Chinaka Strachan
Diary of Souls

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"An emotionally powerful account ... The action moves inexorably to mutual spiritual forgiveness ... it should make all Bahamians feel uncomfortable, as it is designed to do ..."
Jack Hardy, The Tribune,
Nassau, The Bahamas

"Strachan is directly stabbing at the Bahamian collective consciousness ... Strachan's dialogue in Diary of Souls is lyrical and striking, even poetic."

Christian Campbell, The Weekender,
The Nassau Guardian, 
The Bahamas

"Strachan has managed to construct a drama with a strongly individualized voice of its own ... its central theme is the vital need to enact rituals of remembrance, to bear witness, never to forget the dead ... Diary of Souls is a compelling and beautifully crafted work for the theatre."
Robert Leyshon, Cave Hill Theatre Workshop,
UWI, Barbados

"Absolutely breathtaking."
Nigel Wallace, The Advocate,
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"Respekte moun ki mouri! Peye nou sa ou dwe nou!"
Photo by Brentwood Burrows
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Stay tuned for info about the remaining three plays to be presented in the 2020 Repertory Season!