Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Cuban professionals strengthen teaching training in Bahamas

Nassau, Feb 10 (Prensa Latina) The Felix Varela Cuban Cooperation Brigade is strengthening today in Bahamas the educational training of thousands of people in this nation, as an example of more than four decades of solidarity ties.

Talking to Prensa Latina, José Reinel García, representative of the Ministry of Education of Cuba in this country, reaffirmed the commitment of the brigade to provide school community with the beliefs, knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for life.

At present, 55 Cuban teachers are participating in Bahamas's recovery stage after Hurricane Dorian in September and the reorganization of enrollment does not limit teaching to classes of 40 students.

'The brigade has endeavored to fulfill each task to achieve the integration of these students in a new environment', Garcia said in a conversation by WhatsApp.

In the interview with Prensa Latina, the coordinator of the Felix Varela brigade reported that the devastation on the Abacos and the Grand Bahamas caused a change in staff distribution, since now 29 teachers are teaching in the capital and 26 do so in the remaining six Islands of the nation.  Read more >>