Wednesday, January 15, 2020

QC celebrates 130-year anniversary

Students, parents and alumni of Queen’s College gathered in the school’s auditorium yesterday to celebrate its 130th aniversary. A musical selection is performed by the Queen’s College High School Ensemble during the event. CODEL NEWTON


Hundreds of students, parents, and alumni of Queen’s College yesterday gathered in the school’s auditorium to celebrate 130 years in existence through songs of praise and reflecting on past achievements.

School Principal Rev. Henry Knowles said, “This anniversary service was the launch of a year-long event.

“We have inductions to our Queen’s College Hall of Fame, we have the Comet Ball, we have ‘QC in The Park’, which is like a family fun day to get alumni back on campus, we have various types of social fundraising events of different categories in order to get things connected and fired up for what the future is going to bring.”  Read more >>