Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sensationalizing Pain Through Social Media

By Barrington H. Brennen

Dear readers, what I am writing about today is very painful to even think about.  I am becoming more and more upset with how many are using social media to spread news about private, painful, or violent events involving individuals, families, and communities.  Oftentimes, videos or photos of actual violence or murder scenes are being shared without any thought almost universally on social media.   Please, let’s stop this.

This practice demonstrates insensitivity, and a lack of empathy and understanding of how doing this drives greater pain into the hearts of the families involved.  It appears that in The Bahamas we love to sensationalize the pain of others.   We seem to enjoy and thrive on the pain and misery of others, until it is our time when we cry for help.
When we place videos or photos of a murder scene or of personal incidents on social media, we are invading the privacy of people.  We are also making it difficult for them to process what took place in their own time and space.  It makes it even much more complicated because the videos and photos will be circulating the world for a very long time.   The private lives of these people will forever be scrutinized by all and sundry

In a December 2017 article by a student at Fitchburg State University, Massachusetts, USA, entitled “Sensationalism of Social Media,” the writer expresses these sentiments:   “Throughout the decades, technology has significantly advanced to become a fundamental part of human communication, however, within recent years the problem of sensationalization has become an enormous problem among social media sites, and has darkened the media in a way in which violence and negativity has become the main news source in day to day life.”

How true it is!  Why do we in The Bahamas have a greater need to sensationalize?  Read more >>