Friday, December 13, 2019


Katina R. Seymour

LIVE DIFFERENTLY! Is the title of the newest inspirational series to hit the local and global market. Katina R. Seymour, a Bahamian, wife, mother, educator, administrator, Toastmaster, businesswoman, mentor, and now a published author has released her first book entitled: LIVE DIFFERENTLY: 10 Ways to Model Excellence. Inspired by authors such as John Maxwell, Ron Ritchard, Bishop Neil C. Ellis and especially Stormie Omartian, Katina said completing the first book is a dream come true, a long-awaited goal and a joy to share with readers both locally and internationally.

Katina shared that the attributes found in this short but powerful read are akin to who she really is at her core.

“My life story, inclusive of triumphs and troubles, passions, commitments, and the focus I bring to every assignment, inspired this work and is infused on every page," said the author.

She is grateful to the people in her life, and this literary work is a testament to their contributions. Katina, through her book, desires that readers, particularly her targeted audience - young adults, men, and women - get to or return to a place where they set high standards for themselves.

“I don’t compete with others; instead I challenge myself to be a better version of myself, and for me, excellence is that standard. That is what I want for my readers," she exclaimed.

"When I say that someone is excellent or operates in excellence, what I mean is they are planners and thinkers, they manage their person, responsibilities, resources, and talents well - no excuses,” she explained.

Furthermore, excellent people, according to Katina are communicators, embrace challenges and have an internal clock called morals and values which guide the trajectory of their lives. She added that excellent people are akin to being flexible and adaptable and when they walk into a space or take on a role - they own it!

The new author expressed excitement to share her version of what excellence looks like with the world. She deeply wants to see more young people, business owners, civil servants, hoteliers, educators, politicians, and people in general, be better, do better and aspire for better.

She is adamant that when excellence is observed, articulated and celebrated, it would be easier to duplicate; hence she admonishes all to "Read this book and be inspired to Live Differently.”

LIVE Differently: 10 Ways to Model Excellence is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks. For hard copies call/WhatsApp 242-477-0853 or send a message to, Twitter@SeymourKatina, or Katina Seymour on Facebook.  Books will be available at local bookstores for the Christmas Holidays!