Friday, December 6, 2019

The 20 Best Caribbean Beach Bars to Visit in 2020

Da Pink Chicken, Cat Island, Bahamas Cat Island is one of the great undiscovered destinations in the wider Caribbean, a brilliantly beautiful island with stunning beaches and unmatched tranquility. And it’s home to Da Pink Chicken, a tiny, old-school blue beach bar that is all about Kalik-filled afternoons where the only interruption is a break to go bonefishing in the flats around the bar. There’s nothing like it.

There’s a very effective way to test the quality of a Caribbean beach bar: whether you can spend the entire day there.

Because best Caribbean beach bars are more than bars — they’re destinations, the sorts of places where you can arrive early in the day and leave your watch behind.

They’re places that can turn a simple stretch of sand into a pilgrimage spot.

And that’s true of the bars on our list of the best Caribbean beach bars for 2020, a diverse collection of beach hotspots, castaway-style shacks and old-school beach bars from across the Caribbean region.

In other words, this is one very good way to plan your Caribbean travel for next year.

So what are you waiting for?