Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Govt seeking to develop cascarilla-based industry on Acklins

The Bahamas is moving at full steam to create a cascarilla-based industry on Acklins, according to Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources Carlton Bowleg.

The ministry is seeking to increase the export of cascarilla bark and oil, which it believes would increase economic activity on that island, create jobs and potentially develop a cascarilla plant industry, essentially carving out a space for The Bahamas in the multibillion-dollar essential oils industry.

“In the government’s quest to broaden economic growth and employment opportunities, significant focus is being placed on promoting economic activities within the Family Islands. The commercial cultivation of cascarilla on selected Family Islands is one such activity,” Bowleg said during a press conference on Friday.

“If the domestic production of cascarilla oil is established, the processor will require a secure supply of cascarilla bark. As cascarilla bark is harvested from the wild, security of supply will only be guaranteed if commercial cultivation of the plant is started.”

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources, The Bahamas is currently only exporting cascarilla bark to the United Kingdom, Italy, France, the United States and Germany. There are no true benefits accrued to the country from the value-added products.  Read more >>